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About Syed

People might not remember what you said but they surely remember how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

My style is decidedly fashionable and sophisticated.

My photography approach brings out your best by connecting with you personally and discovering what you value most.

I work best with an artistic and diverse clientele worldwide.

I am always ready for the next adventure. My sense of adventure means that when I'm photographing your or your event, I'll elevate the work with a world-savvy view.

I'll tell your authentic story. You'll love those photos, your social media audience will be envious, and your children and grandchildren will value those images too.

I want your photographs to be gorgeous and compelling, and I want you to be proud to show off your artwork every day. Whether it’s your marriage or the opening of your new business, I believe photography can tell your story like no other art form, and I can’t wait to help you capture the best chapters of your life.

Reach out, let’s collaborate and get creative. The sky’s the limit and your life is worth celebrating!

Personal Branding Portrait Photography

I am an editorial commercial and personal branding photographer based in New York City and I create lifestyle headshots, business portraits, and personal branding portraits for business-savvy entrepreneurs. Providing high-quality lifestyle portraits, so your audience gets to know you on a more authentic and personal level.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a quick note

I am a New York City (NYC) based photographer specializing in branding portrait photography, editorial lifestyle photography, bridal fashion photography.

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New York City Photographer | frequently in Chicago and Miami