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Documenting meaningful moments for fashion-forward clients.


Lifestyle Branding photograph | NYC photographer
Phuong My April 2019 NYBFW
Editorial fashion photographer magazine cover
Muslim wedding Pakistani bride
NYC Lifestyle portraits Kathy Romero - Sy Photography
Bridal Fashion photographer | NYBFW designer Chosen by KYHA | SYPhotography
Phuong My April 2019 NYBFW
Fashion editorial published in PUMP Magazine | NYC fashion editorial photographer
CHOSEN by One Day bridal collection. Photography by SYPhotography
Inbal Dror Bridal 2019. Photography by SYPhotography
Fall editorial fashion at the beach with Jessica Markowski
NYC Editorial Fashion Photographer | New York Bridal Week

Celebrating Beauty, Diversity, and the Moments that Matter

Nowhere in the world is more fashionable than New York City, and I revel in the beauty, elegance, and ingenuity of the people who live here. From sophisticated weddings to chic soirees to runways full of the latest looks, I’m like a kid in a candy store with my camera. Dive into my portfolios and learn more about me, then book your date for a beautiful photography experience.

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New York City Photographer | frequently in Chicago and Miami