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Documenting meaningful moments for fashion-forward clients.

NYC editorial fashion, personal BRANDING, Luxury EVENTs PHOTOGRAPHER

Personal branding portrait editorial fashion photographer | Fall in Montauk
NYBFW | New York Bridal Fashion Week editorial SYPhotography
Phuong My April 2019 NYBFW
Bridal Fashion photographer | NYBFW designer Chosen by KYHA | SYPhotography
NYC Editorial Fashion Photographer | New York Bridal Week
NYC Personal Branding Portraits Kathy Romero - SYPhotography
Lifestyle Branding photograph | NYC photographer
Phuong My April 2019 NYBFW
CHOSEN by One Day bridal collection. Photography by SYPhotography
NY LUXURY BRIDAL FASHION WEEK | Inbal Dror Bridal fashion runway

Celebrating Beauty, Diversity, and the Moments that Matter

Nowhere in the world is more fashionable than New York City, and I revel in the beauty, elegance, and ingenuity of the people who live here. From sophisticated weddings to chic soirees to runways full of the latest looks, I’m like a kid in a candy store with my camera. Dive into my portfolios and learn more about me, then book your date for a beautiful photography experience.

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New York City Photographer | frequently in Chicago and Miami