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Mashonda Tifrere's book party Blend Family

Singer Mashonda Tifrere's book release party "Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family". Hosted by fashion designer Donna Karan, Event planner Kathy Romero. Photography by SYPhotography

Alicia Keys and Mashonda Tifrere's Blended Family Friendship. Swizz Beatz's ex Mashonda Tifrere opens up about how she and Alicia Keys have a "sisterhood" now after overcoming drama for their kids. - When it comes to her relationship with Keys, “It’s an awkward romance,” says Tifrere, adding that “there’s never any anger or jealousy. We would never allow that into our circle.” She continues, “It’s larger than friendship, there’s a sisterhood…We have tea, girl talk. She wants to know who I’m dating — it’s really cute.”

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